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Shining Innovation:

Bonding Engineers develop the world’s first UV-light activatable adhesive tape with color change

 2019_UV-LUX_en.jpgSince 1851, innovations have been a Lohmann tradition. The Bonding Engineers offer customized bonding solutions for various industries and thus ensure safe, clean and economic bonds. They cover the whole spectrum from PSAs (Pressure Sensitive Adhesives) to reactive adhesives. Especially the DuploTEC® range’s Epoxy tapes combine the advantages of a conventional adhesive tape with those of a structural, thermosetting adhesive bond.

On that basis, the Bonding Engineers, in a joint effort with their development partners in the industry, have now developed a completely new bonding technology. And it is shining bright: “UV-LUX Technology”, the world’s first UV-light activatable adhesive tape solution, is an all-rounder. Cold chains and thermal input become obsolete in favor of dark curing. Translucent or thermal resistant materials are no longer needed. Apart from an initial tack, a color change ensures a precise, easy and safe manufacturing process: A successful activation at a wavelength of 365 nm becomes visible by an initial color change of the tape, the final cure is displayed by another change of color.

Performance is ensured, patents are pending and the number of possible applications is indefinite! The Lohmann pioneers want to produce the individual evidence together with their first partners and are ready to meet new challenges, right here: www.uv-lux.de

Take the last step of development with us – and become a UV-LUX pioneer!

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