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“Just do what makes you happy!“

On the International Day of the Girl Child, we meet prospective Specialist for Warehouse Logistics, Ronja Wirtz

2018_Azubi_Lagerlogistik.jpg On October 11, it's International Day of the Girl Child. As early as 2003, this day of action was funded as part of the campaign "Because I am a Girl" and officially initiated in 2011 by a joint effort of the United Nations and, among others, the German Bundestag. The goal is to improve living conditions of girls by focusing on education, equality, anti-discrimination and tolerance.

At Lohmann, every day is “Girls’ Day”: On July 30, we had two premieres at the same time at our shipping center in Koblenz. Not only did we get the very first trainee at this site – her name is Ronja Wirtz and she is a girl. Sonja Schöbitz, Corporate Communications, met her on a forklift and discussed the fun in keeping order.

Ronja, how did you get the idea for an apprenticeship as Specialist for Warehouse Logistics?

That was due to my dad. He has been working in this job for a long time – and he infected me with his enthusiasm for it. Then I did some research myself, watched several videos and asked myself: "What do I like to do for fun?"

And what is that?

While doing an internship at a kindergarten, I discovered it quite clearly. The children were creating more and more clutter and I always cleaned up after them. That was fun! Now, in the course of my training, I am responsible for similar tasks: Identification and replenishment of goods. Furthermore, I am looking forward to being able to drive forklifts without supervision – after my 18th birthday.

You are already driving forklifts, right?

Yes I am. Under the instruction and supervision of my trainer, Mr. Roos, and of course: Only on our premises.

You applied for an apprenticeship at Lohmann. How did that come about?

I discovered this job advertisement in a newspaper. But I already knew about the company: I am from this area, where Lohmann is a household name.

What does your typical daily routine look like? What kinds of tasks are awaiting you?

My day begins at 6 a.m. I start off by taking a scanner and checking for goods that need clearance. A truck does tours between our shipping center and the manufacturing site in Neuwied, transporting goods. As of 7 a.m., I work on stock receipts, register delivery notes, print labels and control goods. Colleagues that have permission to drive forklifts take care of larger goods, while I can move smaller ones, coming in consolidated containers.

It seems, there is a lot going on! Are you happy with your tasks?

Yes, I am. As I mentioned before: I like to keep order and roll my sleeves up – and besides, I am part of a very nice team. Are there easier and more difficult tasks? No, not really. Sure, new delivery notes are tricky in the beginning, but I am getting there. Printing labels is the easiest, I guess.

Now, the question you surely have been waiting for: How does it feel to be the – only! – girl in a "typical male profession"?

Well, to me, Specialist for Warehouse Logistics is not a typical male profession. I just did what I wanted to do. It is a normal job that everyone can do – no matter if male or female. The fact that I am the only female trainee on site does not concern me at all.

There is nothing left to say! Do you have any tips for girls pondering if they should become Specialists for Warehouse Logistics?

They should just do what they like! You mustn't constrict yourself in regards to choosing a profession – or let others do it. In the end, you have to be happy with your job.

Ronja, thank you very much for the interview! Have fun in Koblenz!

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